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Alabama Aerospace Quality Clauses

Documentation on this order shall accompany each item shipped on this purchase order as required. In the event the order is to be drop shipped to our customer, one copy of the required documentation is to be shipped with the parts and an additional copy faxed or e-mailed to Alabama Aerospace. The Purchase Order will not be considered complete until all requested documentation is received and payment will be withheld until receipt of all documentation.

QA1 Manufacturers Certificate of Conformance

A Manufacturers Certificate of Conformance will be provided for each lot of material on this Purchase Order, which states that the product supplied meets all drawing, specification and purchase order requirements. The C of C shall reflect the part number(s) listed on the Alabama Aerospace purchase order, the production lot numbers, and shall be signed by an authorized representative of the manufacturer.

QA2 Test Reports

In addition to the manufacturer’s certification specified in QA1 above, the supplier shall provide raw material certifications, special processing certifications (heat treat, plating, NDT etc.) and test reports for all of the tests required by the drawing and procurement specification.

QA3 Raw Material Certification

Each lot of material must be accompanied by a legible and reproducible copy of the Raw Material Certification. The certification shall be from the Mill Source and lists the actual test values.

QA4 Raw Material Traceability

All items provided under this purchase order shall be traceable to raw materials used. Traceability and inspection records shall be mad e available upon request by Alabama Aerospace or customer representatives. Identification of raw materials used, shall include, as applicable, but not limited to, the following information – lot number, material type, specification, heat number, etc.. In any case, supplier shall record sufficient identification information to adequately identify all material in such a manner that full traceability of raw materials is included.

QA5 Commercial Grade Lot Traceability

Lot traceability is required for commercial items. Vendor must identify item by part number, description, production lot number, manufacturers’’ heat number or batch number and the manufacturer’s name. A unique lot/control number assigned by the manufacturer to the production lot provided that is traceable to all raw materials, processing and testing is mandatory. Comingles lots will be rejected.

QA6 Single Lot

This item must be provided from a single manufacturer’s lot. Exceptions must be approved by the buyer prior to shipment. Receipt of multiple lots may be cause for rejection.

QA7 Shipping Tolerance

The quantity tolerance for this purchase order is ± 0%. Any deviation from this tolerance must be approved by Alabama Aerospace Purchasing Department prior to the shipment.

QA8 Domestic Manufacture

Unless otherwise specified in this purchase order, the products supplied must have been manufactured in the United States of America.

Q9 DFAR Specialty Metals Clause

Parts must comply with DFARS 252.225-7014, “Preference for domestic specialty metals.”

QA10 Airworthiness Certification (Standard)

QA11 Airworthiness Certification (Special)

QA12 Mercury and Mercury Compounds

The supplier is responsible to ensure that the products supplied did not come into contact with mercury or mercury compounds during manufacturing subsequent processing.

QA13 X-RAY Inspection

X-Ray Inspection report and film shall be included with each lot of material purchased.

QA14 Material Safety Data Sheet

One copy of the MSDS, for each product purchased, shall accompany the shipment.

QA15 1ST Article Inspection

A 1st article or first piece inspection report is required with shipment to Alabama Aerospace. The report shall reflect all drawing dimensions, test results, raw material chemical & physical test reports and special process certifications. AS9102 can be used for guidance and 1st article preparation.

QA16 Directed Source

This purchase order requires products to be produced by a specific manufacturer. Supplying parts that are manufactured by another manufacturer shall be cause for rejection.

QA17 Alabama Aerospace Source Inspection

The products in this order are subject to inspection and acceptance by Alabama Aerospace prior to shipment from your facility. Please notify Alabama Aerospace 48 hours prior to the material being ready for inspection.

QA18 Government Source Inspection

Government inspection is required prior to shipment from your plant. Upon receipt of this order, promptly notify the Government representative who normally services your plant so that appropriate planning for Government inspection can be accomplished.

QA19 Special Provisions

Customer specific special provisions apply to this purchase order. These provisions are defined on the purchase.
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