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Alabama Aerospace Purchasing & Quality Clauses


Alabama Aerospace General Clauses apply to all Alabama Aerospace Purchase Orders unless otherwise stated.

Quality Management System
All Vendors and Manufacturers are required to complete a vendor survey prior to placement on our Approved Vendor Listing. Alabama Aerospace uses any of the following criteria to determine qualification: ISO Certification, successful on site Q.A. survey, past performance, sole source supplier of item, completed vendor survey documentation, or customer requirement.

All orders must be confirmed in a timely manner. Overnight, 2 day and any time critical orders must be confirmed within 2 hours of receipt. All other orders are to be confirmed within 4 hours.

Change Orders
Any revisions to the requirements, specifications, terms, and/or conditions of this Purchas Order shall be authorized only by the issuance of a written amendment by Alabama Aerospace.

Manufacturers Name and Lot Traceability
Lot traceability is required for the products on this purchase order. A unique lot/control number assigned by the manufacturer to the production lot provided that is traceable to all raw materials, processing and testing results is mandatory. Identification of the Manufacturer is mandatory. Commingled lots will be rejected.

Certificate of Conformance
Vendors shall provide a Certificate of Compliance with each shipment. The Certificate of Conformance shall be signed by authorized Quality personnel and shall reference this Purchase Order number.

Revision Control
Drawing, specification and reference document revisions in effect a time of order apply unless otherwise specified on the purchase order.

Cross Reference Information
All cross reference information listed on our Purchase must be referenced on the packing slip and on the C of C if required.

Age Control
All age control/shelf life sensitive products supplied are subject to age control. The manufacturing/cure date and expiration dates shall be specified on the cert of conformance. Unless otherwise specified in the Alabama Aerospace purchase order, 80% of the product’s shelf life shall be remaining at time of receipt.

Inspection and Testing
All inspections and tests as required by the drawing and procurement specifications must be performed prior to shipment to Alabama Aerospace.

Handling, Preservation and Packing
The supplier shall ensure that the products supplied are protected from damage during production, inspection, packing and shipping operations. Products found to be damaged upon receipt shall be subject to rejection and will be returned to you at your cost.

Flow-Down of Requirements
Suppliers are required to flow down the requirements of this purchase order to sub-tier suppliers and special processors.

Corrective Action
Acceptance of this Purchase Order obligates the Seller to perform, upon request, a corrective action investigation when discrepant material is received by Alabama Aerospace. A written response shall be furnished within 5 days, which is specific and conclusive to prevent a recurrence of the discrepancy.

Right of Access
Alabama Aerospace, our customers and regulatory authorities reserve the right of access to the supplier’s facility for the purpose of audit and inspection. Should this become necessary, reasonable notice will be given to the supplier prior to visitation.

Record Retention
Product inspection records, test reports and other documentation indicating conformance to Alabama Aerospace Purchase Order must be retained by the supplier for a minimum of 7 years from date of shipment.

Ozone Depleting Substance
The supplier is responsible to ensure that ozone-depleting substances were not used during the manufacturing or processing of the material supplied on this purchase order.

Alabama Aerospace requires vendor to notify us upon indentifying non conforming products that has been shipped to us and notify us of any changes in product definition.

Vendor shall notify Alabama Aerospace in writing of any changes in certification, manufacturing location, or any other changes that may affect product quality or quality system.


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