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Vendor Managed Inventory by Alabama Aerospace
Alabama Aerospace provides complete inventory management programs.  AA has a proven lineup of simple and affordable program that will help you reduce cost, overhead and cycle times. AA is inventory management the way it is supposed to be:

Better. Faster. Cheaper.

AA Dock-to-Stock Advantage
AA can have product delivered to your location by AA personnel on AA trucks in accordance to your specifications, a great fit for union shops, high-security environments, and other sites with limited accessAA Dock-to-Stock Advantage

AA KanBan Advantage
Customized two bin system can be strategically place at your location and managed by AA to ensure there is the appropriate amount of inventory on hand at all times.  AA offers a unique solution to customer or vendor managed inventory through our KanBan Advantage.

AA Inventory Scan Advantage
AA offers a turnkey self-managed solution that streamlines the inventory re-order process. By using the AA automated tool to order inventory, you will be able to focus on your core competences. The AA inventory scan Advantage allows you to order product for storerooms, storage units and point-of-use locations (POU). The AA inventory scan advantage reduces the order processing cost and cycle time.

AA In Plant Stores (IPS) Advantage
AA locates dedicated personnel and storefront in a secure area inside your location. AA personnel purchase, receive and distribute specified inventory, base on your specifications. This allows AA to leverage our distribution strength, reducing cost, overhead, and waste across the supply chain. Product can be available to you on a walk up basis, order request, delivered to specified point-of-use (POU) locations based on min / max replenishment triggers and usage patterns.

AA Bin Stocking Advantage
The AA team can organize and barcode line side, production and stocking areas to meet your needs. AA works with you to establish min / max replenishment triggers and continuously monitor and replenish these locations to reduce inventory levels, outages, and waste. Material can be delivered from the in-plant store (IPS) to these locations or through one of our vending solutions. AA helps design, implement, and manage a point-of-use (POU) system to meet your needs.

AA Point-of-Use Vending Advantage
AA offers easy to use, easy to implement and easy to afford point-of-use vending advantages. AA vending advantage offers a simple and affordable solution to control consumables spending. Set limits on who can vend what overtime and track usage virtually any way you want to see it (by dept, project, ect.). AA provides and stocks the machines, making it cost-effective for a vast range of high-use supplies.

AA Stock Advantage
AA offers a guaranteed inventory program that stores your material in a dedicated portion of our warehouse for your use exclusively.

AA Consignment Advantage
Consignment Advantage improves assets and turns so you don’t pay until material is pulled. Combine with the AA KanBan, Inventory Scan, Point-of-use Vending or any other Advantage for maximum efficiency.  AA maintains ownership and postpones ownership to you, reducing your amount of owned inventory.

Additional value added services
  • Kitting
AA can take commonly used parts and kit and package them together for quicker assembly and reduction of lost materials.
  • Specialty Packaging
AA can customize packaging with bar‐coding, labeling, etc. to ensure ease of receipt and handling.
  • Quality Management Systems
AA's ISO9001:2008 and ASO9120 certified and proven quality systems ensure you receive the right parts manufactured to your strict specifications
  • Customer / Vendor Owned Material Management
AA can manage your owned material back with your replenishment system or with one of our proven AAIS
Advantage solutions.
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